Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance

February 27, 2011

Life comes about through the unfolding of patternsFractal like patterns… Ones that repeat themselves over and over again… Subtly changing… Ever evolving… Into new rhythms and orchestrations of being…

For me, life seems to come about through the feelings that occur within these patterns of material structure… By using these structures – and the rhythms within these structures – to perceive with, more patterns from the outside world flood into our senses… And, somewhere down the line, our ‘minds’ couldn’t help but slowly evolve a schematic/memetic representation of the patterns that we perceive in the world/universe around us, which we now we learn off others through various channels of media funnelling… Which in turn allow the notion of our ‘self’ to build up a seemingly ‘real’ relationship between the outer and inner worlds. But regardless of what is ultimately real and what is only delusion/illusion, this process of perception that seems to make this world seem so real resides somewhere within a long, cascading chain of delicate and interrelated molecular mechanisms… Which we call our bodies… That were reliant on all the bodies before it, related to it, etc… in a long chain of cause and effect. With these bodies, we find our “selves” awash in an ocean of interrelated patternation… Of fabrication… Of perpetuation…

This fabric of perceived reality seems to be produced from within itself… As if each level were subtly stirring up the ones around it, so as to create in each other a unique, yet interrelated, turbulent, writhing flow… Each level emanates from the rest… Yet the rest emanate from it… Feeding back into and out of the others… Undulating across all levels of creation, perception of the universe seems to stem from a fractal-like feedback loop… From the smallest to the largest and all the way back again… Here, within this sea of chaos, arises our world… And what better way to become more familiar with it, than to watch it relayed back to us again… Through the lens of this magnificent film… One which stirred my imagination into a desire to understand my position within the natural order of things better… Clearing some of the slurry that had partially obscured my view during most of my adolescent years…

Here, the abstract patterns of creation that gave rise to the atomic matter that our bodies – and the material universe – seem to built from, now unfold in ever more complex ways… Ways that we seem to take for granted in an everyday, presumed, regular – almost clock work – reality…

In the following film, Godfrey captures a poetic sense of flow, viewing mankind’s life on Earth a sort of deluge of movement… It’s almost as if he’s giving us the chance to observe the daily patterns of our lives afresh, in a time-lapsed ‘sur-reality’… Providing us with an opportunity to re-evaluate them against the blank canvas of Earth’s barren and primordial landscapes. Perhaps one can clearly see that everyday life isn’t perhaps as obvious and as natural as it sometimes may seem… Especially to those of us locked in daily human importance… Through seeing this, I feel we are afforded a new insight into understanding how unbalanced our lives have become… How out of sync We – as human beings – are with the natural order of Heaven and Earth, and how oblivious we have become to nature’s delicate, chaotic dance. No doubt the contrast is obvious between those of us living in the ancient rain forests and those of us now residing within our concrete cities of self-obsession…

Besides this powerful warning, Godfrey never looses sight of the strange beauty – even synchronicity – of it all… And elegantly counters the weighty caution with a tapestry of visual delight that seems to beckon the viewer onwards, showing how evident even the idea self-similarity between two seemingly rather diverse concepts like a microchip and a city. Here we can see that the way we move even influences the way we think and work. Perhaps there is really no difference between the un-natural and natural… Save the ideas/memes/schemas that mankind uses to justify his beliefs with.

Koyaanisqatsi – Kizökkent világ from Merényi Zoltán on Vimeo.

To learn more about the creator of this motion picture, please click here.

To find out more about these films, please read the official website’s press release by clicking here.

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