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Star Dust

December 31, 2009

To follow on from the blog entitled “On The Formation Of Suns And Their Planets…” AND as a sort-of tonic to Professor Jim Al-Khalili’s three part BBC documentary series, entitled ATOM, which was aired on the BBC earlier this year… I’d like to present an amazing book by Theodore Gray that merges the art of photography with the wonder of science… “The Elements!”

I’ve said it before… And I’ll say it again…

“If all life is simply comprised of chemicals that are made up of various atoms, which were born from the hearts of stars… Then consciousness is purely just a by product of the chemical reactions between the different components of star dust in our bodies… I do not possess a soul. Rather I am a soul, forged in the hearts of stars, burning brightly in all I do, experiencing only the Here and Now, witnessing the birth of future generations in the vast furnaces of the heavens above.”

What's the matter with the world? These are...

Praise for The Elements:

“This glorious book is more than just a guide to the elements; it will fundamentally deepen your appreciation of the substances that make up our world.”
-Oliver Sacks, author of Awakenings and Uncle Tungsten

“This is the element book that in style and content outshines all element books! My reaction: elemental delight.”
-Roald Hoffmann, writer and Nobel Laureate

“The book is gorgeous. I lost an hour after it arrived just diving into it.”
-Adam Savage, star of MythBusters

To get your own copy, please click here.